your old energy wasting lighting with newer ultra efficient technology that can save you up to 50%. Our LED’s or fluorescent fixtures come in a variety of options for any desired application and offer excellent performance.
You can minimize your electricity consumption by combining sun light and smart energy systems. The system utilizes smart sensors that can optimize your lighting by controlling your fixtures output.

We offer a personalized lighting analysis that consist of a computer aided simulation of lighting levels, showing installed fixtures and each light performance.


Installation and management of Motion SensorsBackup Systems(UPS) and Power Factor Correction specially design for each case. 

How a motion sensor can help me out?
There are three main types of motions sensors we use: infrared, sonar and dual (infrared and sonar). Depending on the space you need we recommend it.
  • Infrared sensors detects movement by heat, need to be placed where almost have a direct contact.
  • Sonar sensors detects movement by a change in frequency at the room, these are the most sensible to movement.  
  • Dual sensors, infrared and sonar, detects movement using the infrared and to get a better and faster scan when the room is empty use both. 

What a Backup System (UPS) does?
A Backup System or Uninterruptible Power Supply is an emergency power to load when the input power source fails. What differences UPS from other emergency power systems is that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions by supplying energy stored in batteries. 

It is commonly used to protect computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment. Or basically any electrical/electronic equipment where an unexpected power failure could cause injuries, fatalities or data loss. It can protect from a single computer to entire buildings or even small cities.  

Why a Power Factor Correction is important?

When you have a low Power Factor in a system draws more current than a load with a high Power Factor for the same amount of useful power. The higher currents increase the energy lost in the distribution system, and require larger wires and other expensive equipment. Because of the cost of larger equipment and waste of energy electrical utilities charge a higher cost to industrial or commercial customers where commonly is a lower Power Factor. 

The low Power Factor can be corrected with network of capacitors or inductors. These networks distort the current drawn from the system and depending on the case increase or decrease the Power Factor and hence decrease the electric bill. 

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